Take a few hours to enjoy the peace and quiet of the Silver River and get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life.  Surround yourself with Mother Nature and one of her many treasures.

Among the special sights often encountered are the Rhesus Monkeys , Ducks, Otters, and the vast population of Birds.  You will see Turtles sharing a log with a resident Alligator,  all basking in the sun.  We eagerly await the return of the ever increasing number of Manatees as cooler weather approaches.

All the wildlife on the River can be considered tame as laws have been put into place to protect them and the River.  As you travel the River by boat, you will get as close as you have ever been to experiencing these animals in their natural environment.  To top it off, the gin clear water allows you to view the different fishes and aquatic wildlife, as well as the many springs along your way.

With our departure location just three miles from the city limits, the Silver River is within easy reach of all who visit Ocala/Marion County.  Schedule a trip out on an early weekday morning and enjoy having the River and all it has to offer all to yourself.

See you on the River!