Fall always gives way to pleasant days on the Rivers.  With the temperatures cooling down,  the wildlife can be seen all day foraging for food.   Early morning fog will give way to brilliant clear skies, the better to see the brilliant clear waters of the Silver River.  A guest recently told us that he had traveled the world and had never seen water more clear than on the Silver River.  Just one of the many reasons that this River has had uncountable visitors from the time of early Indian settlement.

Manatees have been sighted on the Rivers for the last few years, and while out on the Silver River this weekend, Capt. Nick made the first sighting of the year.  This is the earliest we have seen them on the River since their return.  Unlike other places, these sightings are rather rare, and your best chance for spotting one is to try to get out on the River when you know they have been spotted.  Again, no guarantee, but this may very well be a good year for seeing the manatees on the Rivers. We usually do not see them return until February so perhaps their early appearance bodes well for those of us anxious to see them maintain their winter migration to the Silver and Ocklawaha Rivers.

The birds, alligators, monkeys and more can be seen year around, so load up on one of these pleasant fall days, and waste a few hours letting Mother Nature entertain you.  Bring along a lunch, something to drink, and make some memories.