Ocala is finally having days with the temperatures back in the 60’s and 70’s,  making for a more pleasant trip along the Silver and Ocklawaha Rivers.  

On recent trips we have seen just about everything. Our guests from Holland were finishing off their trip to Florida, and after being on the River, stated that this is why they came to Florida.  We spotted the Rhesus Monkeys, many of the birds, the alligators, and several different types of fishes. The mullet jumping at the head spring put on quite a show.

 Last week I saw a gator in the 14 foot range, one of the biggest I have ever seen. We saw male and female alligators hanging out together, with many females nesting.

Sitings of the Wood Stork and Black Crowned Night Heron are rare, but we spotted both. As  always we  saw the White Ibis and all kinds of Herons.

Water levels are down along the Ocklawaha River.  Use care, and remember that when loading into a boat at the ramp the step off the ramp can be a doozy.

See you on the Rivers!