It is going to be a beautiful weekend on the Silver and Ocklawaha Rivers.  Many of Ocala boaters will be headed to the Rivers to enjoy this three day weekend.  Try to get on the Rivers by 8:30 or 9, it is absolutely the best time, just you and the Rivers, and Mother Nature.

Lots of hatchlings… in fact, if it came out of a shell, it hatched.  Baby gators, birds, turtles, and more, with the parents hustling to keep them fed.  The baby cormorants have hatched, and they are sqwaking up a storm…”Feed me, FEED ME!”

We interrupted some alligators that were mating the other day, a 12 foot male and a 7 foot female.  More hatchlings to come!

Blue Shad and Mullet adorn the bottom of the River. The pristine waters of the Silver River give a wonderful view of all beneath it’s surface.

A word of gratitude to all that serve our country on this weekend in which we honor those who gave their lives for our freedoms and rights.  May God Bess you all, and your families for your many sacrifices.