The Silver River offers such a diverse amount of wildlife that it is hard  to imagine seeing so many different specimens without being at a zoo.  That is the wonder of the Springs.  For ages they have been a gathering spot for life looking for food and water.  As you travel along the River you will see many different birds, turtles, fishes, monkeys, and alligators.  The occasional bear or deer can be seen along the banks.

Most come to see the Rhesus Monkeys.  Others just want to see the gators.  The beauty of the many birds will draw folks from around the world.  Regardless of what your special reason for coming is, the main appeal is that these critters are all wild. No cages and no caretakers, you will see just the bounty of nature.

Early morning is the best time to see the River right now.  Try to get off by 8 a.m. in order to beat the heat.  Remember that it is a three hour trip to the basin of the Springs and back so bring along plenty of beverages or water.