The Rhesus Monkeys are always amazing to see along the River. They are not always the most cooperative when trying to capture them in a photo.

I want to thank Diane Gates for sharing her photos with us, and allowing us to share them with you.

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Cool Manatee Pictures

These pictures weren’t taken on the Silver or Ocklawaha River but they’re neat away. They were taken by Captain Nick when he was on a fishing trip to the Hotwater Discharge Canal near Crystal River, Florida.



The birds are in such abundance on the Silver River that the numbers are countless. The Black-crowned Night Heron is a rare sighting, and we saw several on one trip last week.  Also putting in an appearance were several male and female Wood Ducks, Pileated Woodpeckers, King Fishers, Limpkins, and of course, the Herons.  The Cormorants are continuing to build their nests in the trees near the Springs.

The Rhesus Monkeys were out and about.  By the way, we just found out the monkey leading them on a merry chase in the St. Pete area probably originated from the Silver River.  Have Banana…will travel!

Lots of life in the water…a Cottonmouth, Nile Perch and Mullet were easily seen.  The just hatched baby Gators are about 6 inches long.

For navigation purposes there are no snags on the Silver River at this time.

See you on the River!