Just A Normal Trip On The Silver River

The following Silver River photographs were taken by Ocala Nature photographer John Lingle on a normal Silver River Day.


John Lingle Photography llc.
John Lingle Photography llc.
 Silver River, photo by John Lingle Photography llc.
Silver River, photo by John Lingle Photography llc.
Just Two Monkeys Hanging Out On The Silver River
Just Two Friends Hanging Out On The Silver River
Stay In The Boat
Stay In The Boat, photo by John Lingle Photography llc.
Photo by John Lingle Photography llc.
Photo by John Lingle Photography llc.
Living Art by John Lingle Photography llc.
Living Art By John Lingle Photography llc.

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Finally…Fall!  On the Silver River and Ocklawaha River that means the leafs are changing colors, the days are more pleasant, and there is less traffic from other boaters.  This is a wonderful time to have the Rivers to yourself.  When it comes to viewing the abundant wildlife along the way, that is the key.  As we all know, they also like having the Rivers to themselves.

You will always see something new every time you go down these Rivers.  Unlike caged animals, these unhampered critters do their own thing.  It is a thrill when you get to see that little something that you will only see in their uninhibited life’s on these waterways.  Just the other day an alligator was giving her babes a ride on her head as she moved them back to the river’s bank.  I have seen these gators thousands of times, but that was a first.

The Rhesus Monkeys are spotted on nearly every trip down the River, and the numerous birds cannot be counted.   Herons, Egrets and more will be seen as you travel the Silver and Ocklawaha Rivers.  We saw a pair of Ospreys about a week ago, one of our rarer sitings.

There are plentiful Mullet and Blue Shad running.  On the Ocklawaha River, the Trophy Largemouth Bass are biting.  Check out our freshwater fishing reports to catch the latest action!

Until next time…see you on the Rivers!
Cindy & Nick Bozman


April was an active month on the Silver and Ocklawaha Rivers.  The wildlife is keeping us fascinated while we watch the mature birds, gators, and other residents feed their young.

April also brought several new guests to the Rivers.  Manatees were spotted on a couple of different occasions, and on one trip we sited a new bird, a Yellow Crowned Night Heron.  It’s questionable if either will be seen again.  Keep us posted if anyone sites the Night Heron or the Manatees.

While the Bass are biting early in the  morning, this is a great time of year to go fishing and go on a river tour, something to keep in mind as you make your plans to beat the heat!

May will bring even more boaters out on both the Silver and Ocklawaha Rivers.  Early morning departures always give you the best opportunity to have the Rivers practically to yourself. 

See you on the Rivers!


The season is changing on the Silver River, fall is giving us some beautiful weather.  Day temps are in the 80’s, with the overnights in the 50’s.

On a recent trip down the Silver River, the gators seemed to be scarce. Well, they were just hanging out, down on the bottom, trying to stay warm.  An interesting site to see, them resting just under you as you boat over them.  Oh…by the way….GO GATORS! The monkeys didn’t seem to care about the change in temps, we spotted several different troops jumping from tree to tree.  A Bald Eagle flying over us was an added bonus for the day.

Remember to time your trips to leave a little earlier.  The shortening daylight can catch you by suprise.

Take the time to visit the Silver River State Park while you are in the Ocala/Marion County area.  Please check with them for fees and operating hours, in paticular for the Museum.  A great place to share with your children, with a walking trail down to the River. My mother and I had a deer run past us as we walked the path to the Silver River on our last visit there.  So many have told us that they had no knowledge  about it, that we want to share this special place with our readers.  Just another of the many opportunities in Marion County to enjoy nature.

If you get the chance to visit the Silver or Ocklawaha Rivers, come back to our site and post a comment with us.   We will be glad to share with our readers your experiences along the Rivers.

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