Recently we have been seeing huge numbers of Rhesus Monkeys along the Silver River.  Several troops are being sighted on each trip.

Hatchling Cormorants are out and about, as well as lots of Alligators, from 12 inches to 12 feet in length.  River Otters and plenty of other wildlife are also being spotted.

Schedule or plan your trip early and have the River to yourselves.


Numerous birds are all along the Silver River this week.  The Black Crowned Night Heron has been honoring us with sightings, always a pleasure.  

 A record number of Rhesus Monkeys are hanging out in the tree tops.  Countless freshly hatched baby alligators will keep you busy spotting them on your boat ride.  Even the river otters are showing up to be seen, and they tend to be a little shy.

Spring on the Silver River allows us sightings of both common and rare wildlife along the way.  If you have a sighting you want to share, just post a comment here with us at Slick Charters River News.

The water level at the boat ramp at Ray Wayside Park is LOW.  Please use CAUTION!