We have been boating the Silver and Ocklawaha Rivers here in Ocala for many years.  This week was the first time that we can recall a incident on either River in which there has been a person bitten by an alligator.  When wildlife officials arrived to capture the gator, known as Floyd, the concensus was that his behavior was indicative that he had been fed by humans.   DON’T FEED THE GATORS!  

  Gators will not typically bother us humans unless we invade their nesting areas.  I had this lesson taught to me by a gator in south Florida. We were too close to her nest, among some fronds and such along the bank, and were chased half way home.  The exception here is if they have been fed by the forementioned humans.  DON’T FEED THE GATORS!

The gators do enjoy these hot temps and can be found basking in the sun.  It has been unusually hot in Ocala for this time of year, and the early mornings or late afternoons will give you the best temperatures for being on the Rivers.  These times also work well on the weekends when there is more boat and kayak traffic down the Silver and Ocklawaha Rivers.

As always, all you have to do is turn your head to see the wildlife along the way.  Make sure that you keep an eye on those shaking limbs at the tops of the trees if you want to spot the Rhesus Monkeys.  Oh, by the way,  DON’T FEED THE MONKEYS!