Some of the largest deer I have ever seen in Florida were spooked the other day, and ran down the edge of the Silver River, at the convergence where the Silver empties into the Ocklawaha River. I heard some noise coming from the bank, looked over, and there they were, a buck and two does apparently running for their lives. I don’t know what spooked them, but it sure was a sight to see.

The Rhesus Monkeys along the Silver River have been putting on a show here lately. We spent around 15 minutes watching them jump from one side of the River to the other. On a different trip, we were entertained by some monkey rivalry. The bigger monkey was intent on shaking the smaller one off of the tree limb, using all of his antics, jumping up and down, hooting and hollering at him, and finally knocking the smaller monkey into the drink!

On the Ocklawaha the other day, we were thrilled to see a huge Bald Eagle.It must have had a 5-6 foot wing span. Large schools of Mullet were jumping out of the water….watch out, one might decide to take a ride in your boat!

Due to high waters from the recent rains, logs that had been previously banked are now floating in the Silver and Ocklawaha Rivers. No Wake Zones are for a reason! Also, keep an eye out for snags on the Rivers that are constantly on the move in this ever changing environment.

See you on the River!