Most who come to see the Silver River want to be sure to see the Gators.  Your are sure to find them soaking up the sunshine.  As with all cold blooded animals, this sunning is intrinsic to their metabolism, and is as important as food to them.

One of the unique features of a spring fed river system is the constant 72 degree water temperature.  For our cold blooded animals, it creates the exception to the rule.  This environment creates a situation where they will breed year around.

This unique eco-system is also condusive to changing migratory behaviors in some of the wildlife that visits the Silver and Ocklawaha Rivers.  Once they discover the abundance of food, and the constant water temperature, they are prone to staying where life is good.  An example of this is the Wood Ducks, a migratory bird.

We saw a huge Osprey this week.  These birds are also known as Fishing Eagles.  Well, there is plenty of fish to be found on these Rivers.

Large schools of Blue Shad and  Mullet have been spotted recently.  If you are curious about those beautiful blue fish you have been seeing, they are the Blue Shad, closely related to the Gizzard Shad.

The Silver River is one of the coolest places to be on a hot summer day.  Hot is the word though, and it is best to be on the Rivers very early in the day, or after the sun starts to set.

See you on the Rivers!


When it’s hot, it’s HOT!   The Silver and Ocklawaha Rivers are always a great place to get away from the heat, but be sure to go in the early morning or late afternoon.  An early morning departure is always best, with the Rivers and the wildlife totally undisturbed.

Our guests Saturday were in all the way from Holland! It was a mid- day tour, and was it hot!  Plenty of gators about,  from 14 inches to 14 feet.  The Rhesus Monkeys were easy to spot.  Apparently the gators and the monkeys do not mind the high temperatures. 

Our guests from Holland came to us through Ann Sternal with the Visitors and Convention Bureau.  Their web site,, has a comprehensive listing of all the many ways to enjoy the  outdoor and cultural activities in Marion County.    From boating to museums, the information is a click away.

It is always special when you get to show off the Silver River to guests who have traveled such great distances. Mother Nature always puts on a show, and the one along the Silver River is one of her best.