On a recent tour of the Silver River, I noticed that most of the obstructions left by Tropical Storm Fay have been cleared.

Although there are still a submerged snag or two, the pristine waters of this natural beauty are clear for navigation.

We spotted a wide variety of wildlife on our trip, including a Cormorant (waterfowl) attempting to swallow a pike (chain pickerel) as large as he was!

Absent were the Rhesus Monkeys, who I am sure had taken to high ground to avoid the standing water near the banks of the River that had intruded on their habitat. These guys like living near the water, but not in it.  I suspect they will be back as soon as the River returns to her banks.

The 3 youngest adults we had along on this tour made a game out of “Who could spot the most Alligators”!  After about the 40th Gator, they changed it to the biggest.  When all 3 kids spotted an 11 foot Gator at the same time, I declared the game a tie!

If you’ve never toured the Silver River, through the Silver River State Park, and even if you have, I would higlly recommend it.  It truly is a Natural Beauty.

The Simple Beauty Of The Silver River
The Simple Beauty Of The Silver River