On every trip we take up the Silver River we see something different.  The gators, birds, turtles, and fishes are a constant along the River, and on almost every outing we watch the never ending antics of the Rhesus Monkeys.  Each season brings with it changes to the wildlife and scenery on the River.

As fall arrives the trees drop their leafs, and foggy mornings give a surreal atmosphere to the Silver River.  If you leave early, the cooler temperatures give way to the fog rising from the water.  Take your trip on one of those mornings when you depart the dock immersed in the heavy fog, and have the sun break through to the wildlife beginning their day along the water.  Just one of the special things about a special place.

Autumn is one of the best times for those who want to see these waterways.  The temperatures become a little more friendly, and the wildlife become more visible.  Many of the birds that migrate this way so enjoy the unique eco-system that only spring fed rivers offer that they take up permanent residence.  The calls and songs of different birds fill the air as the bird population swells with both the permanent residents and the ‘snow birds’.

Manatees are continuing to be spotted along the lower Ocklawaha near Eureka, and the Mullet are jumping in both the Rivers.  To spot the Mullet, keep an eye out for that flash of silver jumping out of the water ahead of your boat.

Currently the water level is low, and as always use caution when boating.

‘Til next time…see you on the Rivers!

Early Morning On The River
Early Morning On The River