The Silver River Amazes Us With Each Trip

The Silver River continues to amaze us with each trip. There is always a new experience watching the wildlife along the River. This time of year you will be able to see the alligators taking in the sun, the monkeys perhaps cannonballing into the River, and the many birds busy feeding their newly hatched offspring.

As the days heat up it is best to get an early start. The afternoons will soon start bringing in the afternoon showers that happen as the sea breeze crosses the state. If you can get off the water by 1 p.m. you stand your best chance of avoiding the heat and the rain.

If you take your trip down the River with us you are always welcome to bring along food and beverage and have a picnic as you tour the waterway.

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Memories To Last A Lifetime

The Silver and Ocklawaha Rivers bring year around fun and adventure to their guests. Kayakers, boaters, and anglers enjoy their bounty year around. While many come to these rivers to absorb the beauty of natures aquarium, the fishing for lunker Largemouth Bass on the Ocklawaha River will be the thrill of a life for some.

My niece Brit got that thrill this weekend. She pulled a 8.5 lb. Bass out of the Ocklawaha on her second cast of the day. When you are hot…you’re hot! This young lady will go back to school this fall with a lunker of a story.

The memories of a lifetime…the old fashioned way!

Until next time…see you on the Rivers!

Brittany, caught an 8.5 lb. Oklawaha Largemouth on her second cast
Brittany, caught an 8.5 lb. Oklawaha Largemouth on her second cast


Well, at least one is back….Manatee, that is! We have all been anxious to see if the Manatees will return to the Silver and Ocklawaha Rivers this year. Yesterday, April 27, I spotted this Manatee while on a fishing trip on the Ocklawaha River. It was approximately the middle of March when we first sighted them on these Rivers last year, so we had thought the window for their return this year was past. This gentle giant swam by us while we were anchored up fishing. The picture I got was not the best, but a white stripe down his back was very distinctive.

When we spotted the Manatees last year we only saw one, and several days later spotted nine at one time. We are hoping his buddies are bringing up the rear.

Should anyone have other sightings or photos of the Manatees, drop us a note and we will get your information up to share with others.

Until next time….See you on the Rivers!



Staying Warm Near The Cool Siver River
Staying Warm Near The Cool Siver River

When taking a trip up the Silver River, you never know when you will see something for the first time.

Our guests from Indiana met me at the Ocala Boat Basin around 8:30 a.m., Sunday morning, and we were the first boat down the River.

As usual, when I am trying to site the Rhesus Monkeys, I watch for movement in the trees.

On this paticular occassion, the movement was quite obvious.  Monkeys were flying from one side of the River to the other, a distance of 20-30 feet.  They were taking off from the taller trees, and landing in the shorter ones on the far bank.  This was one of the largest troops of Rhesus Monkeys I have ever seen on the Silver River, 50 or more strong.  These natural acrobats really put on a show, with us watching in amazement for over 15 minutes.

My guests were anxious to see some alligators, and the first one we spotted was over 12 feet long.  One of the largest gators I have ever seen on the Silver River.

After all the trips I have taken up the Silver River in the last 25 years, it never ceases to amaze me that it is always an adventure.

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