The Rivers are beginning to show the signs of fall with foggy mornings giving way to beautiful days.  This fall is going to be a historic one for the Silver River as the State of Florida assumes management of the Silver Springs Attraction, and it will now be known as the Silver Springs State Park.  Tuesday, October 1, is the big day.  A big day in the history of Silver Springs.

A manatee has been spotted at the Rodman Reservoir, and mullet are abundant in the Silver River.  A troop of Rhesus Monkeys were sighted on the Ocklawaha River, but along the Silver they have been scarce.  Changes in the water level along the River may have them up in the wooded areas, and they should be sighted more easily as the level returns to it’s norm. As always birds, gators, turtles, otters and more will captivate you with their antics on these waterways.

An intriguing time on the Silver River..  The wildlife will become even more prolific, and the day time temperatures will entice you to whiling a day away watching them.  The Springs and the Silver River becoming more eco and visitor friendly.  Time for Mother Nature to show off her bounty.