Warmer days are on the way!

Brr,,,It’s is cold outside!  The manatees on the Silver River continue to enjoy the warm spring waters during this cold January.  Only a few are spotted at a time, and not on all trips.  The manatees continued presence on the River is a welcome sight after their many years away.

This winter has started out quite cool yet today we are enjoying  a break. We are reaching 80 degrees and we hope for many more like this.  Try to plan your trips for late morning until we get closer to spring.

Rhesus Monkeys were spotted jumping the Silver River from the tree tops recently.  They put on quite a show and seem to have as much fun on their trip across the Rivers we do watching them.  Please remember to never feed the monkeys!

More of these warm winter days are hopefully on the way and it is a great time to see the migratory birds as they head out of the much colder temperatures up north.  Give a call and schedule your trip to see the Silver River and the abundant wildlife that migrates to and resides there.