Spring…..the birds, the monkeys, the gators and all their friends showing off their stuff for all those who cruise the Silver River.  Either by private boat or kayak, a better eco tour cannot be found.  For a little over 4 miles, after your departure from the Ray Wayside Park, you will travel through nature without the touch of mans hand.  Even as you enter the basin of the Silver Springs Attraction, the only development along the River, you can appreciate the historical value of the attraction.

The Silver and Ocklawaha Rivers have both been bound up in the history of the region.  From the days of early Indian settlement, to the time when they were a major means of transporting goods, these waterways have drawn many to them. 

When planning your trip along the Silver River, we recommend that you think weekday.  The pure pleasure of this River is best enjoyed when you can see the wildlife in abundance, and that is best achieved when the human traffic on the River quiets.  If your trip only can be done on the weekend, try a early departure, at least by 9 a.m., or a late afternoon, say around 3. 

Water levels are really low right now.  Rain dance time!