The dog days of summer are fading, giving way to those beautiful fall days on the Rivers.  Foggy, cooler mornings enticing even more wildlife out to feast on the bounty of these waterways.  Even the bite time for the Largemouth Bass has doubled as they also benefit from the changing of the season.

Fall is always one of the best times to see the Silver and Ocklawaha Rivers.   A foggy morning departure allows you to feel that the River is all yours, breaking into sunshine mid-morning to surround you with the beauty of the flora and wildlife.  The tree leaves are changing to their fall colors and reflecting off the crystal clear water as can only be seen this time of year.

The number of birds will slowly begin increasing as the cooler temperatures to the north chase them south on their migratory paths.  The wildlife that inhabits the Rivers year around is so bountiful that when the migratory birds begin arriving the increase is simply amazing.  The birds, alligators, and other inhabitants are everywhere you look.

Speaking of other inhabitants, Capt. Nick spotted the largest Rhesus Monkey he has ever seen along the River this week.  He was at least twice the size of any he had seen previously, and in his glory as the obvious dominant male.  This monkey was on the Ocklawaha River, right at the convergence of the Silver.  Knowing how these critters range along the Rivers there is no telling where he will be sighted next.

Thankfully fall will allow for more time on the Silver and Ocklawaha, as the kinder temperatures allow us to have more lazy days on the Rivers.  You are always welcome to bring along food and beverage for your enjoyment on our three hour tour of the Silver River, so please plan a picnic if you wish.  We have never said no to mans best friend, so bring him or her along for ride.  As always, all charters are private.

Until next time, see you on the Rivers!

The Silver River…Mother Natures Showcase



When you have the time this hot summer, come and spend several hours enjoying the peaceful bounty of the Silver River.  An early morning departure guarantees that you will be boating along before the wildlife becomes disturbed by other visitors.  A late afternoon trip is also a special time to see the activities of the Rivers’ inhabitants as they settle in for the evening after the hot mid-day sun.

You will always be fascinated by the many different birds, reptiles, and animals that inhabit the Silver River in large numbers.  The Rhesus Monkeys are spotted on almost every trip, the alligators are always in abundance, as are the many different birds.  All the Rivers’ creatures are wild in this bountiful eco-system that allows for their ability to thrive.  The crystal clear clarity of the water, the flora and fauna, all highlight the wonders of Mother Natures show.

Bring along a picnic brunch or lunch, and flashback to a more simple time.  As the many visitors who return year after year will tell you, there is always something new to see and enjoy when you take the time to spend a few leisurely hours on the Silver River.


The wildlife along the Silver River is plentiful this time of year.  On our most recent trip two bear cubs were spotted along the banks.  Several different troops of monkeys were sighted, as well as the river otters.

There were large flocks of White Ibis’s, and several pairs of Black Crowned Night Herons.  Other birds that you will see an abundance of are the Great Blue Heron, Lesser Blue  Heron, and the Tri-Colored Heron.  Snowy and American Egrets, Red Shouldered Hawks, Ospreys, pileated Woodpeckers, and King Fishers will also add to your birding experience along the Silver River.

As we head into winter, if you want to be sure to see plenty of alligators it is best to go on a warmer day with sunshine. The fall and winter months are perfect for those days when you can boat the River in the mid-day.

Until next time, see you on the Rivers!


The Rivers are beginning to show the signs of fall with foggy mornings giving way to beautiful days.  This fall is going to be a historic one for the Silver River as the State of Florida assumes management of the Silver Springs Attraction, and it will now be known as the Silver Springs State Park.  Tuesday, October 1, is the big day.  A big day in the history of Silver Springs.

A manatee has been spotted at the Rodman Reservoir, and mullet are abundant in the Silver River.  A troop of Rhesus Monkeys were sighted on the Ocklawaha River, but along the Silver they have been scarce.  Changes in the water level along the River may have them up in the wooded areas, and they should be sighted more easily as the level returns to it’s norm. As always birds, gators, turtles, otters and more will captivate you with their antics on these waterways.

An intriguing time on the Silver River..  The wildlife will become even more prolific, and the day time temperatures will entice you to whiling a day away watching them.  The Springs and the Silver River becoming more eco and visitor friendly.  Time for Mother Nature to show off her bounty.


Change is in the air.  This fall the Silver Springs Attraction will be back in the hands of the State of Florida for management, and the Springs will become a part of the Silver River State Park.  Efforts are being made to preserve the head spring, and to protect the water, flora, fauna and wildlife.

As you journey along the Silver River it amazes all that this River has remained virtually uncompromised by modern expansion.  There are no developments, condos, or concrete.  Just the River, the Springs, and the wildlife.  “Florida as it used to be ” and “The true Florida we came to see” are both comments often voiced by those who come to see this gem of Mother Nature.

There is always something new or different to enjoy.  This time of year we start looking to see if the manatees will return.  Just this week a manatee was spotted several times along the Silver River.  Posed for a few pictures as it enjoyed the constant 72 degree water temperature.  This is the third consecutive year that these rare aquatic mammals have been sighted, and we are grateful for their return.  Use extreme caution while maneuvering where manatees are present.

Boaters beware of the multiple snags along the River.  Recent storms and accompanying winds have created more than the norm, and several will be difficult for larger boats to navigate around.

Until next time, see you on the River!

Just another day on the river for this Silver River Manatee

Just another day on the river for this Silver River Manatee